Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Art Studio: Batik

Last week I took Holly to the Procession of Species Art Studio with a few homeschooling friends. This studio is open this time of year in preparation for the Procession of the Species parade that happens at the end of the month. Folks can come in and create pretty much any kind of masterpiece they would like in support of the parade... to be in the parade or enjoy from the sidelines. We'll be enjoying from the sidelines again this year, maybe next year we'll join in the parade. Just being in their studio gets your creative juices flowing and all fuzzy... you cannot help but want to create something amazing here!

Holly worked on a batik. She had a peacock theme in mind for us to both do. She drew out her work and then using waxed she copied her work onto fabric and painted it with dye. She did a fairly detailed piece and really spent time working through her design well. Holly was very thorough. She did a wonderfully creative piece!!! I did one with her as well.

We are going back this week to create something else. We have a few ideas in mind... we'll see what is created and share later in the week!

Creating her design

Drawing our her peacock design

Preparing her artwork for waxing

Studio space for batik work

Waxing her design

Adding hot wax

Another view of the art studio batik area (there is a lot more studio than this)

Painting her design

One more studio space


Holly's finished product (wax is not ironed out yet)

My final design (wax is not ironed out yet)

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