Thursday, April 5, 2012

Artist Study: Alberto Giacometti

Holly learned about another artist from the Usborne Art Treasury book, Alberto Giacometti. We read about him in the book and looked up some more information through Wikipedia Alberto Giacometti Wikipedia Link and more at Modern Art at The Art Story: Alberto Giacometti. Once we did some reading, preview of his art and discussion she then set to work on a child friendly version of his art.

Holly created a foil figure. Using pipe cleaners she designed a long figure of a body, weighted the feet with clay and then wrapped her body in foil. Once completed she then posed the foil figure to her liking. This was a very simple, clean art lesson - one she really enjoyed and was happy with. I can see more foil figures in our future!


  1. This is a really neat activity--her sculture is great! My kids love to learn about artists and try out techniques inspired by them. I'm going to file this away.

  2. I am crazy about this! What an amazing hands-on way to learn about Giacometti! Thanks so much for sharing. I'll be telling my blog's facebook followers to stop by and see this incredible project first hand.