Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Working Hard

Sorry for so much silence here lately - we will return with more postings soon!

Holly is busy working hard! She has been busy finishing up her first books of the year for first grade and moving on to her second books here soon. We are doing a lot of review work, both online and off. Many hands on projects are consuming our time - fun stuff like dinosaurs, bodies and art!!! Learning is happening all day here lately, that along with some outings, field trips, play dates, park time, little music class, Camp Fire, candy sales for Camp Fire, library time and swimming. Life is good!

Hudson is also busy learning and playing! He can now tell you all of his ABC's through song but better yet, he can identify them all too. I have began introducing lowercase this week and he is quickly grasping them. He knows all of his basic shapes: circles, oval, rectangle, triangle, rhombus/diamond, semi circle and square. Hudson is enjoying puzzles like crazy now and getting really good at them, does many shape sorters and stackers with ease, is pretty good at matching colors to shapes or items and is counting up to ten. He is mastering his colors now too. Words have just taken off - full thoughts are coming out on what he wants to do while we are doing school now, he will bring me projects or ask to write or do art. He knows what he wants!

So, we are here and learning and doing great!!! More to come very soon...

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