Friday, February 10, 2012

Dinosaur Unit

Holly is chugging away on her Dinosaur Unit. She is almost finished with the Triassic Period, most likely next week. We have really spent some time reading on the conditions of the Triassic Period, learning about the mass extinction that started and ended that time frame and what life was like. After doing a lot of reading and discussing our readings, Holly & I did a brainstorm of information that would describe the Triassic Period - animals, plant life, extinction, dinosaurs, mammals, insects, the world (Pangea) and the water (Panthalassa). It was a GREAT discussion and brainstorming session!

Holly is recording her findings in a dinosaur book. It is a blank journal with dinosaurs on the cover - as we move along she is making notes and keeping all of her information in there. She loves it!! As well, she is adding some dinosaurs to her time line. Her personal goal is to add four dinosaurs for each period along with plant life. 

As well, we are enjoying several books we own - this is not all of them, but some of them. As well as some fun stuff like a seek and find, sticker book, cards, kids story books and doodle book... all of this adds up to one happy girl!

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