Thursday, February 16, 2012

Art Club ~ Pointillism

On Friday we hosted Art Club and did a small session on Pointillism. I introduced the artist to make pointillism popular, Georges Seurat, and we learned about what Pointillism is. How 'ism' is a movement... meaning his art style became a movement others followed. We looked a small slide show on his life and art style, looked at some photos of his work and then set to work on our own art work.

The kids were to design a fish or sea scene and complete the work in pointillism, or very small dots of paint. Considering our class was a large mixed age group we have all skill levels - older kiddos did free hand art without drawing their work, younger children drew their scene first and filled it in. Some kiddos were completed very quickly while others spent nearly the entire session completing their work. Seeing the diversity among our artists was really neat, some beautiful work was done!

Holly chose to do a sea scene, in which she did a fantastic job on! While her painting was very simple in appearance the steady work she did by painting it JUST in small dots (with an ear swab and toothpick mind you) is amazing! She spent the whole session working on her project, very determined to complete it. I am very proud of her thoughtfulness in her work and commitment to doing it as she invisioned.

Holly's sea scene -- done in all dots, from a q-tip and a toothpick.

All of the kiddo's finished art work! Great Stuff!

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