Thursday, December 8, 2011

Science Fun

Today Holly enjoyed a rather simple science experiment but one that is very fulfilling! I have seen this one done before but was waiting for a good time to fit in a quick, simple experiment. We had just finished reading two chapters in the Pioneer Sampler book, with milking cows as the final chapter. We discussed how much milk is used in cooking, foods we use daily and life - then I thought of this project and though the time is right.

Holly took a pie plate filled about 1/4 of the way with milk and placed several different drops of food coloring in it. When she was all finished I showed her the final ingredient of the experiment, liquid dish soap, and asked what she thinks might happen. She guessed that it would turn bubbly.

We added the dish soap and it definitely had a reaction, but it did not bubble up, instead it mixed all the colors in a fun and swirly way. She said it looked like tie dye... and I'd say she is right! When we dropped the dish soap in all the food coloring came swirling to the top of the milk and starting mixing up. We looked up the reason, surface tension, and found a great description HERE.

So simple and so worth it!

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  1. Easy, educational, and it looks so fun!!