Friday, December 9, 2011

Art Club - Winter Trees

This week I taught a small art lesson called Winter Trees through our Art Club. The project was very pretty, fairly simple and offered a unique art technique. The kids did salt painting and used India Ink.

To start we discussed the title and why the art lesson might have had that title - the kids concluded the trees were bare and the colors used were cool colors, setting a chilly feeling in the piece. To begin they painted wet watercolors onto card stock in cool tones such as blues, purples, silvers, grey, black and green. Then they sprinkled a generous helping of salt over their wet watercolor.

After the watercolor portion dried for a bit the kids all rubbed the salt off of the painting to reveal a lovely textured look from the salt. The salt absorbed some of the color to give a subtle texture - really very pretty! Then they set to work creating winter trees with India Ink. India Ink goes a long way, is super smooth and easy to work with - I love it! The kids all created wonderful winter trees, simple and unique!

The projects were honestly quiet beautiful!!!

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  1. I love how these trees look. Sort of peaceful looking. :)