Monday, October 4, 2010

One Month

Both Holly and I are one month into homeschooling and we are having a great time! I am learning the ropes still in terms of planning and breaks, for us both. Learning is so exciting for Holly that she wants to continue... on and on - I have to stop and remind us both that this is Kindergarten, slow down and take breaks! I also have to make sure I am taking the needed break to keep a fresh perspective, which is normal for any job... right?

Although my mind is always thinking about school ideas - each week I spend one evening really working on the upcoming week, finalizing my planning, finding resources and ideas. Each evening I pull together the items Holly will be working with at home the next day. I read ahead in our curriculum to see what is upcoming, place books on hold at the library and gather supplies (at home and the store). Planning takes a lot of time, it is fun - but consuming.

The month has gone by quickly and very smooth! While we are all new to homeschooling we are finding that it fits our family beautifully. Each day is more exciting then the last, new journeys are on the horizon and our time has been fun... honestly, the most important aspect of it all!

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