Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Fall 'Stained Glass' Artwork

This morning Holly enjoyed a fun project, a fall stained glass style art project. She has been really desiring more art and I am making a much larger attempt to include more art in our week. Don't get me wrong, we do a LOT of art - however, she craves more. Which I am just fine with!

This project is done on clear contact paper. Holly cut up some small bits of fall colored tissue paper and picked an assortment of fake fall leaves - she then mixed them all up in a basket. She helped to get her contact paper onto the table top, peeling back the paper is pretty tricky (with a five year old helping). Then Holly spent about a half an hour working on her design and layering of leaves and papers. When she had it just perfect she then helped to add the top layer of contact paper and trimmed the edges.
It is beautifully displayed on our entry doors!


  1. It turned out so pretty! What a wonderful fall activitiy.

  2. That is so pretty and vibrant! I found you through ABC123- thanks for sharing!

  3. That turned out beautifully! We did a very similar thing that we sent to kids we sponsor... but I love how big yours is. How fun!!

  4. We don't have trees on our property and fall color is well is pretty much non existent. I intend on making a wonderful window covering like this! Thanks you for the inspiration! http://www.holiday-kids-crafts.com