Wednesday, April 1, 2015

We are HERE!!

Well, it has been a LONG, LONG time since I have updated anything on this page. Life has been busy, wonderful and full with homeschooling my fourth grader and kindergartener. We are loving life and enjoying learning, exploring, and experiencing things together!

I will be returning here though as I will be online more often. My kiddo has requested setting up her own little corner in the blogging world to share on -- and in my mind I see creativity, computer skills, writing, editing, planning, etc. She is currently working through her 'plan' and presenting her ideas to us soon and then with that I will be monitoring her work and guiding her through some basic skills to publish. We'll see how it goes!! In the mean time, here are these two little people enjoying something they both love -- science!

Hudson, Kindergarten

Holly, 4th Grade

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