Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Curriculum 2013-2014, Holly

I have finally wrapped up planning and began prepping for our 2013-2014 school year, third grade and preschool. Along with that I have decided to ramp up blogging once again to share our journey. I enjoy hosting it, some family and friends enjoy reading it and I especially love having a small history of our days with photos that I can easily pull to print for years end.

We have Holly's year all planned out now. I am still working on Hudson's school year however we have determined this will be his last preschool year, next school year he will start kindergarten as all of those benchmarks have easily been met now, so we will refine them this school year, mature a bit and move forward next. It is earlier than we had originally thought, but he is ready. Now to adjust that college financial plan, ha!!

Here is a rundown of Holly's school year:

Reading: Selection of works and a book study with Latin Road/Phonics binder 2

Writing: Bravewriter/Partnership Writing, poetry binder and ZanerBloser Cursive

Spelling: Latin Road/Phonics binder 2

Language: Latin Road/Phonic binder 2, pre-latin 

Math: Horizons, online games/practice

Science: finishing up geology through fall, RS4K Astronomy, Nature Club and Nature Studies, fun projects intertwined, (still determining full path beyond this, next curriculum)

Social Studies: Expedition Earth second half (world study) and World Religions (Usborne)

History: History Odyssey Ancients (modified)

Health: ‘Be Fit, Be Strong, Be You’, body study, swimming, group games with our homeschool group

Occupational Education: continue weekly cooking, field trips to various businesses, sewing, learn about professions in science, inventors/inventions

Art and Music Appreciation: Atellier, Usborne and self created. Artist study. Tacoma Youth Chorus, begin intro to piano and attend arts performances.

Special Units: Geology, Gallapagos Islands & Darwin, Food Chains, Coral Reefs

Activities: Camp Fire (4th year), Swimming (working on level 9 of 10 - if completed move to a swim team), Tacoma Youth Chorus (2nd year)

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