Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Chalked Buildings

This week we are learning about India and with this I decided to do an art project that was inspired by this unit, while not exact it was simply an inspiration. The colors are beautiful, the architecture is appropriate and the use of chalk is always messy fun!

We used The Usborne Complete Book of Art Ideas as our lesson guide, Domed Buildings. Holly drew our her buildings as basic squares first and then she added the details. We have been working on not 'over detailing' our projects... however, she seems to still enjoy the details and often needs to make adjustments throughout to compensate for too much detail work. A lesson on it's own I suppose! After the details she chose a color, bright pallet of colors from our chalk and started to work, coloring and then blending. The final results are simply beautiful!! She did a fantastic job! (I'll admit I couldn't pass this one up - chalk, color... to much fun) Her art work is with a warm yellow sky and mine is with a soft blue sky.

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