Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Life Is Good!

My husband pointed out to me that I had not been blogging lately... which I did know! We have been so wonderfully busy with so many various activities and as we head into the holiday season I know it becomes even harder to stay on track. But, I did want to share school is happening and we are having a great time!!

Our days have been filled with a lot of lessons, hands on learning, lapbooking, cooking, experiments, Camp Fire, crafting, play, celebrations, reading like crazy, choir, art, music, library time, outings and friends! We have enjoyed field trips to a coffee roasting plant, Rainforest Cafe, concert, The Nutcracker performance in Seattle, kids museum, nature trails, drum circle, parades, and more. A very good time indeed!!

I will be back to post soon and share more! In the mean time, enjoy a couple photos of the kiddos during our drum circle visit -- which we will be doing once again soon!

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