Monday, July 9, 2012

Beach Reliefs

Last week we met up with some homeschooling friends and enjoyed a wonderful morning at the beach. We have not been to this beach in about a year, but it is such a lovely little beach. When we head to Anderson Island I think we will take more time to stop here and play.

The day we visited it was a pretty good low tide... which made for some fun finds. A very different experience than Titlow Beach or Penrose Point as this beach is a very sandy beach with little rock. Creatures are harder to locate but you have fun getting in and out of the waves to collect them. As well, the kids simply had fun playing on a sandy beach.

After doing some low tide exploration the kids collected various bits of shell, rock, little bits of drift wood, and some other little finds. We gathered up in the loose sandy section of the beach and created beach reliefs with plaster of paris. This is such a simple activity that creates such wonderful results that kids and adults love!! A favorite activity of ours for sure!

The kids all created some wonderful masterpieces, were very creative and simply had a great time!

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