Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Thanksgiving Book

We have finished reading a fun little book from the Magic Tree House series on Thanksgiving. As well, we have read several other books and are working on some fun art projects. I came across this great little book called 'My Thanksgiving Book' that a lady used with her 1st/2nd grade class, her blog is http://thoughtsofesme.blogspot.com/2010/11/tale-of-thanskgiving.html. It was a perfect addition to our holiday study. We have the book she read first as well, so we pulled that one out and read it first then went to work!
Holly did all the work herself from looking at some examples online. I provided her all the supplies needed, a lot time, company and she had a blast. Originally I had planned to have her work on this throughout the week, however she was so in to it that she finished it up in one morning. She LOVED this project and is so proud of it!!! I am proud of how well she did too!

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  1. Holly did a FANTASTIC job!!!!! IT looks GREAT :-) Thanks so much for linking to me.