Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Looking Back & Forward

The fun of our past several weeks is slowly coming to an end as we begin to gear back up for school... second grade and preschool to be exact! Our summer though has been amazing and filled with so many wonderful activities, friends and family. While we still have some flexibility to embrace the beautiful days of September before the chill of fall settles in, we will officially be starting school next week. I have been working on organizing, changing a few things up, reading through our materials, making a general plan of our weeks which I am sure will need some modifications, pondering working some subjects in as units or semester approaches versus scattering them about and preparing my mind for some preschool work for the youngest. While young, he is ready for something... preschool or tot school, some where in the middle! Basically, we are busy getting ready - physically and mentally.

I'll start ramping up posts again here over the next couple of weeks - the summer break has been wonderful and I feel ready to resume posting!! I thought I would share just a small sampling of our summer adventures.